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Whether you're a first-time rider or someone that's been doing this all their life, your number one concern should be getting motorcycle riding gear that fits your needs. You'll need to get gear that's easy to use, affordable and practical. Don't even dare to think about hitting the road without your protective clothing; motorcycle riding gear is essential in keeping you safe.

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Icon Limited Edition Trick or Street Airmada Full Face Helmet Black Brand 2016 Womens Calypso Sunglass Black Brand 2016 Womens Betty Sunglass
Black Brand 2016 Gearhead Goggles Black Brand 2016 Veteran Goggles Black Brand 2016 Rocket Goggles
Black Brand 2016 Nylon Balaclava Black Brand 2016 Road Dog Goggles Black Brand 2016 Deluxe Bandana
Black Brand 2016 Moisture Transfer Helmet Liner Black Brand 2016 Micro-Fleece Neck Warmer Black Brand 2016 Thermal Lined Polyester Balaclava
Black Brand 2016 Neoprene Half Face Masks Black Brand 2016 Neoprene Half Face Masks Black Brand 2016 Neoprene Full Face Masks
Black Brand 2016 Neoprene Full Face Masks Black Brand 2016 Crossover Gloves Black Brand 2016 Hardcore Gloves
Black Brand 2016 Regulator Gloves Black Brand 2016 Womens Wintress Gloves Black Brand 2016 Fugitive Sunglass
Black Brand 2016 Outlaw Sunglass Black Brand 2016 Tempest Rain Suit Black Brand 2016 Womens Faithful Gloves
Black Brand 2016 Clutch Sunglass Black Brand 2016 Lowdown Sunglass Black Brand 2016 Tempest Rain Suit
Shoei X-Fourteen Assail Full Face Helmet Black Shoei X-Fourteen Marquez 4 TC-6 Full Face Helmet White Shoei X-Fourteen Laverty TC-4 Full Face Helmet Green
Shoei X-Fourteen Kagayama 5 TC-2 Full Face Helmet Blue Shoei X-Fourteen Kagayama 5 TC-5 Full Face Helmet Black Shoei X-Fourteen Lawson TC-1 Full Face Helmet Red
Shoei X-Fourteen Rainey TC-1 Full Face Helmet Red Shoei GT-Air Pendulum TC-1 Full Face Helmet Red Shoei GT-Air Pendulum TC-3 Full Face Helmet Yellow
Why Should I Get This?
Falling off a fast-moving vehicle is enough to cause serious damage to the human body; so much so that if done without protection, it can lead to death. When it comes to a bike, there's no playing around with your safety. That's the major reason you'll need motorcycle riding gear because, without it, a fall could spell disaster. So what sort of apparel do you need?

Helmets: Almost half of all impact occurs at the front of a helmet, and because of that, you'll want to be wearing a full-face helmet. Wearing an open-face helmet is very ill-advised because it can leave your face vulnerable to injuries. Helmets are single-use, meaning that after one gets damaged it must be replaced.

Jackets: The epitome of a biker look; these jackets are more than just an awesome fashion statement. They are designed to absorb impact in the event of you falling off your bike so that you don't damage your body. Some of them come outfitted with built-in body armor, increasing their level of protection.

Pants and Boots: Both useful additions to any biker's attire, these provide lower body protection, not just from falls, but from everyday usage on the roads.

Where to Get It
Motocross Giant provides a huge variety of motorcycle riding gear so that you can get what you want to protect you on the open road. Check us out today and get yourself the very best in biker attire to make a statement and protect you on those long rides.