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Dirt Bike Pants

Off-roaders are interested in safety, and although you may not think it, dirt bike pants do offer a little protection for the lower part of your body. Every addition to your safety means less time tending wounds after a ride. That alone should make you realize how important the right pair of dirt bike pants is.

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Answer LE Elite Asylum Pant Thor Prime Pro Cast Pant Green/Black Thor Prime Pro Cast Pant White/Midnight
Thor Pulse HZRD Pant Acid/Black Thor Pulse HZRD Pant Red/White Thor Pulse '03 LE Pant Steel/Red
Troy Lee Designs SE Pro Pants Cosmic Jungle Orange/Navy Troy Lee Designs GP Air Pants Mono Royal Blue Troy Lee Designs GP Air Pants Confetti Navy
Troy Lee Designs GP Pants Drift Red/Black FLY Racing Limited Edition Evolution DST Pants Mint/Black Moose Racing Sahara Pants Black/Green
Moose Racing Sahara Pants Navy/Blue/Hi-Viz Yellow Moose Racing Sahara Pants Navy/White/Magenta Moose Racing Sahara Pants Red/White/Blue
Moose Racing Sahara Pants Black/Orange/Red Moose Racing Sahara Pants Black/Yellow/Red Moose Racing Qualifier Pants Black/Grey
Moose Racing Qualifier Pants Green/Black Moose Racing Qualifier Pants Blue/White/Red Moose Racing Qualifier Pants Black/Red
Moose Racing Qualifier Pants Orange/Black Moose Racing Qualifier Pants Navy/Hi-Viz Yellow Moose Racing M1 Pants Black
Moose Racing Qualifier OTB Pants Black Moose Racing XC1 Guard Pant Underwear Grey Thor Pulse Air Rad Pant White/Red
Thor Pulse Air Rad Pant Midnight/White Thor Pulse Racer Pant Black/Red/Blue Thor Pulse Racer Pant White/Navy
Thor Pulse Racer Pant Acid/Black Thor Pulse Racer Pant Orange/Midnight Thor Pulse Racer Pant Army Green/Acid
Thor Pulse Blackout Pant Black Thor Pulse Tropix Pant Black/White Thor Prime Pro Unite Pant Red

This type of apparel is underrated by a lot of off-roaders, but they shouldn't write them off. You only know how useful they are when you find yourself a proper pair.

Why Wear Dirt Bike Pants?
They provide some protection in the case of a fall. Well-crafted equipment will allow you to fall and slide across the ground without taking any serious frictional damage. That comes in handy when trying to avoid skin burns and lesions from falls. In addition to its protective ability, this piece of biking gear also protects the wearer from the elements. Some are built with comfort in mind, coming with design features that give the wearer more mobility, a definite plus in off-roading. Overall, this gear offers you the benefits of safety wear with the bonus of flexibility.

Things to Look For
As a protective garment, this type of clothing comes with features that can aid in its goal to save you from injury. Some manufacturers include protective panels of material such as Kevlar, or some other durable substance. In addition to this, some manufacturers include built-in armor to ensure that you get the most protection possible out of your gear. Just like the upper clothing, the lower clothing sometimes also comes with thermal lining to control the wearer's temperature in harsh conditions. Some even come with strategically placed vents to allow for cooling of the wearer during their activities.

Where to Get Them
These trousers are among the hundreds of motocross items that we have available. Motocross Giant provides gear for all types of off-road adventurers, ranging from protective to stylish and everything in between. Contact us today to see our wide selection of items and pick out something that suits your active lifestyle.