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Founded in the back of a van 45 years ago,
O’NEAL made its mark as America’s first MX company.

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O'NEAL Racing Gear

Racing Since 1970

The mark of a good, solid product is longevity, and that much is clear in O’Neal Racing Gear. Developed to appeal to all types of off-roaders in all age groups, this company provides some of the most durable and reliable off-road wear that you can get today. As a company, O’Neal has existed for more than forty years and has consistently provided quality apparel to off-roaders across the country.

The Story of O’Neal Racing Gear
The story of this company is intrinsically tied to the history of Motocross in America. Jim O'Neal, a regular man with a modified Triumph motorcycle, used to take his ride to high school on weekdays and explore the hills and valleys surrounding Los Angeles on evenings. In 1966, these same hills and valleys played host to America's first Motocross race at Hopetown. This young entrepreneur realized that apparel and parts were needed for this fledgling sport, and in 1970 the company was born. From these humble beginnings comes a company founded on passion and driven by its evolution. They don't just make racing wear; they make a product backed by years of experience.

The Company Today
Forty-five years later hasn't dimmed the spirits of either the company or the founder. Today, you can still find Jim pushing his passions, both on the track and off, trying to better himself. The company has managed to stock the shelves of over seven thousand retail locations nationwide, making this line available to any racer who wants to experience true quality in their wear. The head office is still located in Hopetown, but the clothing they make transcends boundaries. If you're looking for Jim, you can find him riding the ups and downs around Baja, still doing what he loves to this day.

Motocross Giant is one of the many distributors of this particular brand. If you're looking to get your hands on some high-quality gear that caters to men, women and kids, then you'd be well-advised to buy O’Neal Racing Gear.