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Founded in the back of a van 45 years ago,
O’NEAL made its mark as America’s first MX company.

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Racing Since 1970

In the foothills of Los Angeles, CA in the early 1960’s things were a bit different. The decade of change was rapidly approaching and the landscape of Americana was quickly taking root in the valleys and mountains surrounding the city of Angels. It was here along the local mountains and trails a young man named Jim O’Neal would ride his modified Triumph motorcycle to high school and would find himself taking the same Triumph through the dirt and tracks into the hillsides above the city.

In 1966 these mountains and foothills outside of LA became the host to America's first Motocross race at Hopetown. It was then that Jim's passion for riding quickly turned to racing and in 1970 O’Neal, the company was born. Jim found himself driven to develop and distribute better parts, apparel and accessories to allow young racers on two wheels to go further and race faster than ever before.

Today, you can find the O’Neal US office just a few miles from that old Hopetown track. You can find our dedicated team members still pushing to develop product to take you further and faster on two wheels than ever before. And on the tracks and trails around town and racing down in Baja, you will still find Jim O’Neal pushing his passions to the limits every chance he gets. More than 45 years later you can find O’Neal products at nearly 7,000 retail locations worldwide. In each one of these locations you will find the passion to push further, in every single product.