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women's ATV Helmets

Women’s ATV helmets provide protection to those off-roading ladies that love running their all-terrain vehicles everywhere. Headwear is mandatory in some states; however, even in those states where it isn't, you should always have headgear when riding your vehicle. Choosing the right kind of headgear for you requires you to keep an eye out for certain things.

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GMAX Womens GM-11 Dual-Sport Scud Helmet Black/Pink/Grey

Here are a few important considerations that you should be aware of when you're planning to buy a good set of women’s ATV helmets:

1. Don't Buy Used Headgear:
This cannot be stated enough. Used headgear is not a safe investment, because, as these protective pieces age, their parts start breaking down. Buying a used one is simply asking for trouble because you can't be sure if it provides the same level of protection that it did when it was new. You don't want to entrust your life to a piece of safety equipment that could fail at a critical moment.

2. Make Sure It Fits:
Although this is a comfort issue, it's more than simply that. Ill-fitting headgear can distract you while riding and lead to accidents. Make sure that the safety equipment you choose fits you securely and comfortably, allowing you freedom of motion and unobscured vision. Buy headgear that is easy to buckle and unbuckle. When trying it on, slip your hand under the strap and give it a quick tug to see that it stays on.

3. Safety:
This is the reason you're buying a protective headpiece in the first place. Safety-rated headgear usually has a DOT sticker on them stating that they are certified. Additionally, some pieces may have a Snell sticker. This sticker signifies that it has met the industry standard for safety for equipment of this type. If the headgear you're checking out doesn't have one or both of those stickers, then you should move on.

Headgear for Women Off-Roaders
Motocross Giant carries womens ATV helmets in a variety of styles, ensuring that you get the type of look you want for your off-road expeditions. Check out our wide selection today and let us help you protect yourself and look good doing it too!