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Especially when it comes to children, safety first! For all of you motocross weekend warriors, you always want to make sure that when you are teaching your children to ride motocross that the first thing a parent should teach them is all about safety! Ensuring that they learn everything about safety right away will help your kids become great safe riders and when you are looking for the best youth motocross helmet, we at have no doubt that fox racing is one of the best options to protect your children! Every year there is hundreds of serious head injuries to kids on motocross bikes, many of the injuries are serious enough to require extended stays at a hospital, so when you are buying the first set of gear for your kids make sure you spare no expense and purchase what you feel will best protect your children.

When you are researching a helmet, the initial thing you want to look at when you are going to purchase one is to make sure that it is DOT approved, this mean that the helmets are built better, which in turn is going to help your children stay more safe. You also want to make sure that your helmet has a removable liner that you can throw into the wash with the rest of your clothes, this will give your kids good ventilation and the bigger the vents are the easier it is for your children to enjoy the riding experience. Helmets can stink so it is a great idea to be able to remove the line. For all the latest fox racing gear for your kids, CLICK HERE